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Natural Hairbrush & Cotton Bag

Natural Hairbrush & Cotton Bag

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Gently care for your baby's locks whilst also providing a soothing scalp massage with our Natural Beechwood Brush. Made with ultra soft and 100% natural goats hair. Our brushes are great for the prevention of cradle cap, where the soft bristles will gently exfoliate your baby's skin.

This brush makes a lovely gift and keepsake for your baby. All of our wooden brushes will be placed inside of a reusable 100% premium cotton bag, keeping the brush safe and clean. The brush includes our engraved SD detail.

  • 100% Beech wood & high quality goat's bristles. Non-toxic varnish.
  • To care for the bristles, simply apply a small amount drop of mild shampoo and gently wash through. Leave to air dry with the bristles facing down.
  • To fix tousled bristles, place the brush behind a sunny window.
  • Suitable from 0-24 months.




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