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Mini & Mama Drinking Glasses

Mini & Mama Drinking Glasses

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We are so excited to introduce a new addition to our family of glasses, our wonderful set of 2 black drinking glasses Mama & Mini. The perfect family glasses.

Discover two wonderful cylindrical drinking glasses with a black print on the glass wall and a simple owl engraving on the bottom. Our new drinking glasses are very thin-walled and therefore super light and yet extremely stable and stackable. This is exactly what makes them so special in combination with the minimalist design. One of the glasses features the word "MAMA" and the other "MINI". Simply a very special eye-catcher in your kitchen - whether as a water glass, cocktail glass, dessert glass or for serving fruit, snacks or muesli! Our glasses can be used in many ways! A very special advantage: the different lettering is great for being able to tell the drinks apart at the next party!

Material: Glass

Care instructions: Dishwasher safe

Dimensions Height: approx. 8.5 cm + Diameter: approx. 8.9 cm

Capacity: approx. 360ml

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