Lets Talk about Soothers

Soothers are wonderful for babies. They allow for non-nutritive sucking. Sometimes babies have an innate drive to suck, even after they have finished eating. So instead of mum becoming the human soother, the soother can do the trick and fulfil this need. Non-nutritive sucking has several benefits for your baby. Firstly, it releases endorphins to the brain. It also promotes relaxation whilst also providing comfort and security. It can also become a helpful tool to encourage sleep. 

If your little one is refusing to take their soother, here are a few simple tips and tricks:

1. Use the soother to apply firm but gentle pressure on the top of the tongue and go around in circles.

2. Sometimes applying a bit of breast milk or formula milk to the tip can also help too.

3. If your baby doesn't seem interested, work with him/her when they are calm instead of upset and crying.

Our FRIGG soothers are incredible. They mimic the mothers breast in terms of shape and texture, making them the perfect option for your little one.

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