Never be Afraid to Ask for Help by Dawn Moss

If you're anything like me, you like to think you're a strong independent woman who is used to getting stuff done by yourself in both work as well as home life. Even if you don't currently feel like a strong independent woman you most definitely are - you're growing a fully fledged human in that body of yours!
At 30 weeks pregnant, I've tried to remain as active as possible throughout my pregnancy. That doesn't mean I've been going to the gym 3 times a week or going to pregnancy yoga classes religiously (as much as I probably should have been!), but just trying to be on my feet as I would normally and get the odd workout session in like I did before - pregnancy approved of course!
But the one thing I didn't anticipate was the lifting. I work as a singer and in events planning, so a lot of my job is to lug gear or equipment into venues, setting up sound systems or venue decor...very, very long days. To begin with, I carried on as I would normally, but as time has gone on it has got harder and harder. There are not only risks with doing too much lifting but also there's so many aches and pains it can cause. The things I once found so easy were giving me back pain for the first time in my life and I could feel muscles screaming at me around my bump as if to say 'Oh hey there. We're doing enough work here already accommodating a little one - don't make us work any harder please!'. 
Both my partner and my mum were forever saying make sure you don't do too much lifting. You must make sure you ask for help. To which I'd say, 'yeah yeah, of course'. But deep down I was embarrassed to have to ask anyone for help, let alone strangers. They might be busy? They might look at me as weak? They might say NO?! 
But ladies, we are not weak and we are most definitely are not putting anyone out. If they say no they clearly aren't very nice people! So never be afraid to ask for help, no matter how big or small. Our bodies are going on a beautiful journey and it's hard work enough without trying to do everything for ourselves. You are both strong and independent but sometimes the strongest of women are those that accept that they can't do everything. 
You got this!
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